Lunchtime Learning…Social Media for NPOs

January 30, 2010 at 6:40 pm Leave a comment

Each of the last three Thursdays I have had the pleasure of presenting brown bag sessions to a room full of nonprofit folks here in Grand Rapids. Each session averaged 40 attendees, eager to learn how Facebook, Twitter and web video can help them in their work. The sessions were intended to provide a better understanding, not only of social media tools, but how to use them in the context of our work.

I think the most important takeaways were, first, an enhanced understanding that social media is not just another way to be an info provider, but rather tools for multi-directional engagement: Authentic, personal, interactive.

Another question that comes up is “who should do social media for our organization”. My answer? Eventually everyone. Just as we do not have a person to assigned to “do email” for our NPO, social media is best when embraced as a communication tool, not an assignment. Invariably, it is during this discussion that I can literally see the light bulbs going on. Thanks to Robert H. for the nice feedback:

“Thanks again for the brown bag lunch on Twitter.  I’ve gone to other
meetings on social media and just not gotten it.  Yours made it finally
made sense to me and I’ve already opened an account for my NGO and used

Big appreciation also goes out to our hosts, the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. I love their wonderful, converted “ice house” space; modern amenities surrounded by beautiful original architectural details. And kudos to those who joined in on the presentations; George, Ann and Brooke.

Next week…Ann Puckett (GRCF) is going to enlighten folks with “Google for Grassroots”. Looking forward to that one!

For the interested, my slide show from the first session (Facebook) is on Slideshare. I will work on getting the others (video on the Web & twitter) up there soon!


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"Wow – great presentation today! I came into this workshop thinking I knew enough about social media to kick start the organization I work for, but once the presentation began I was immediately taken aback at how much I didn’t know as well. It was a great learning experience and opened the doors to many ideas I now have – in fact I am having a meeting tomorrow with the rest of my colleagues to discuss these ideas! " - Randi-Leigh Michaniuk, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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